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To protect your privacy is very important for Betteryoyo will try the best to keep your personal information safe. Make sure you understand and know "Betteryoyo Users Privacy Policy" in order for Betteryoyo to provide you the best service. Please spend a little time and read the following terms to know how Betteryoyo deal with your personal information.


I. Content of the personal information Betteryoyo has collected

In general, you can visit our company online without telling Betteryoyo who you are or providing any of your personal information. However, Betteryoyo or Betteryoyo’s partners may need information from you sometimes. You can choose from a variety of situations to provide Betteryoyo your personal information which you can offer. For example, you can choose to provide your name, phone number or e-mail so that Betteryoyo can contact you and provide on-site service, etc. Before collecting your personal information, Betteryoyo would like you to know that how Betteryoyo uses this information, and get permission from you. If you provide personal information about others to Betteryoyo, Betteryoyo will assume that you have got their permission.


II. Why does Betteryoyo collect your personal information

The reason why Betteryoyo collects and uses your personal information is to provide you with the best customer service, so that you can easily enjoy Betteryoyo’s services and Betteryoyo is very pleased to accept the ideas and feedback from you. It helps in widening the range of Betteryoyo’ s service for you.


III. How do Betteryoyo collect your personal information

Betteryoyo will only get your personal information from feedback section of our website.Take note that Betteryoyo will not ask for personal information from children or self-solicit individual without permission of guardian, or in the situation of without knowing this and without the presence.


IV. How does Betteryoyo use your personal information

The personal information you provide to Betteryoyo will be used in the following purposes along with your permission:

1.To satisfy your request regarding to Betteryoyo’s service or website

2.Keep you in touch and allow you to participate in surveys and promotions

3.For Betteryoyo or selected organizations of marketing purposes

4.Data such as the number of customers for statistical analysis as anonymous

5.To enhance Betteryoyo’s business relationship, if you are Betteryoyo’s cooperation partner or business partner


V. How does Betteryoyo protect your personal information

When Betteryoyo collects information from you, we will clearly and comprehensively inform you the future situation of using this information. You can provide all or part of the information to Betteryoyo based on your personal preference. At the same time, you have the right to tell Betteryoyo which part of information can be used in which ways and which information cannot and Betteryoyo will respect your wishes. Our company guarantees you the security and quality of information data you provide to Betteryoyo with physical, electronic and other means. Take note that some countries, regions or organizations may not publish strict laws and regulations to protect your information. Within these regions or organizations, our company will still deal with your information with the way described in accordance with the terms. It is hoped you can understand that in some cases, the law requires disclosure of information. Pursuant to subpoenas of judicial or other governments, warrants, or orders, it may be needed to disclose personal information.


How do you monitor the use of personal information

In general, when Betteryoyo collects your personal information, we will ask for permission of using your personal information. If you have requests, Betteryoyo can ask for permission each time before using it. You can know the usage of your information via newspaper, network or other ways by yourself. If you find out that your personal information has been used without your permission, you can contact Betteryoyo by phone or online. We will investigate the origin of the problem and take protective measures to ensure the safety of your pers